The successful completion of the First Session of the Second-High School Attached to Beijing Normal University Model United Nation Conference International Division, 2018





On May 20, 2018, our PGA Model United Nation Club leaders successfully held the first Model United Nations Conference of the Second-High School attached to Beijing Normal University International Division.


1、报道台 (Sign-in desk)


At 8:30 AM, the volunteers and members from PGA MUN club helped delegates to check-in, collect relevant materials, and led them to the opening ceremony.


2、开幕式(Opening Ceremony)


  开幕式由PGA模联社陈珞加同学主持。我们还有幸邀请到了北师大二附中国际部校长马骊、纳赛尔校长Steve DigninPGA校模联社指导老师江容、纳赛尔模联社指导老师Mrs. BarrettPGA校内社团总管理老师汪盈老师前来参加活动。


图中从左至右:Headmaster Steve Dignin、马骊校长、Mrs. Barrett老师、江李容老师、汪盈老师

The open ceremony was hosted by Ruby Chen from PGA·MUN Club.It’s a great honor to have headmaster Steve Dignin from SPAS, headmaster Mario Ma from SHSBNU, teacher Mrs. Barrett from SPAS, teacher Mrs. Jiang from SHSBNU and Mrs. Wang from SHSBNU to attend our event.


纳赛尔校长Steve Dignin进行开幕式发言

The speech by headmaster Steve Dignin


The speech by chairs


The speech by chairs



The speech by delegates


The speech by delegates 


Praise from our headmaster!


3、会议 (Conference)


The conference was divided into two committees, namely the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) respectively, and the topics were Human Rights on the Internet and Securing Global Access to Clean Water. During the meetings, students spoke positively and performed very well.



And now lets take a look at the conference of UNHRC and the performance of delegates!



To listen and consider



Communicate with different countries


State the position














And followed by our perfect pictures of delegates, ADs, and Chairs!







The gaze from USA


4、闭幕式 (Closing Ceremony)


The closing ceremony was also hosted by Ruby Chen, and we invited the principle of Student management center Mr. Meng, teacher Mrs. Wang, and Club Principle Mrs. Wang.

In the closing ceremony, we reviewed the whole day's experience through a wonderful video and awarded outstanding students!


图中第一排从右至左 学生管理中心王博老师社团总管理老师汪盈老师

第二排         学生管理中心孟茂主任



And here are the pictures of certificate winners!


获奖代表(Best Delegate


获奖代表(Best Delegate


获奖代表(Outstanding Delegate


获奖代表(Outstanding Delegate


获奖代表(Honorable Mention

获奖代表(Honorable Mention


获奖代表(Best Position Paper


获奖代表(Best Position Paper


Us! The best team ever!







In the wave of warm applause, the First Session of the Second-High School International Division Attached to Beijing Normal University Model United Nations Conference was ended. For the prize-winner of best delegateI was not surprised but felt normally. Some delegates are not inferior them me. I shall not be remarkable with their help. I shall remember the scene that delegate of UK was modifying the format of the Draft Resolution. I shall remember the expression of the delegate of China when she asked me to strengthen the corporation in the aspect of water access. I shall not forget the view of the clock pointed to twelve at midnight when I was still reading Background Guide at the desk. I shall not forget the tension and nervous I felt during my first speech in the conference. The experience of MUN not only let me studied environmental knowledgesbut alsowhich is more importanttaught me a lesson that we should think win-win and try to achieve synergy. I would also like to express my appreciation to my MUN clubmates. How preciousI met my most charming clubmates at the most beautiful time



Model United Nation is a comprehensive activity which has attracted me for a long time. However, this is the first time for me to participate in the conference. The MUN conference is a real test for our academic ability: research, debate, public speech, formal writing… It was really nice to get to know so many brilliant people who light up the stage of the MUN conference with innovative ideas and confident voices. Although it was a tough procedure, I felt the joy of presenting my own opinions and cooperating with others. Best wishes to the SHSBNUMUN!



This is my first time to attend MUN conference, and I experienced to communicate in English with other delegates, even with non-Chinese delegates. I combed the conference process through the meeting clearly, it also has exercised my logic thinking thought to come up with a solution in a short time. I got the award of outstanding delegate which encourages me.



After joining this MUN conference, both my English-speaking skills and my knowledge of international issues have greatly enhanced. Additionally, I make acquaintance with students from SPAS for the very first time, for which I believe attending MUN is a great opportunity that we should not miss.



Having the experience of attending SHSBNU-MUN, I think it was a great honor to achieve a certificate as Outstanding Delegate. MUN gave me a chance to formally represent one country and learnt to negotiate with other delegates. I surely harvested a lot! I want to take part in more conferences and sincerely wish SHABNU-MUN to continually thrive and become more and more successful!




This is the first Model United Nations I took since I have joined MUN club. I was pretty exciting and nerves.


Participating in these 3 conferences have improved me a lot. I am able to practice listening, speaking and interpersonal skills. In addition, there are many distinguished delegates in our commission. I made friends with them and learnt a lot from them. I can see my shortage by watching their excellent performance. I still have many deficiency such as lack of courage to motion.


I’m very surprised that I received an award at the ending ceremony, it shows that being well- prepared is useful.


I would like to thank all the ADs and teachers who spent their time for our activity. I hope my skills could continuingly be strengthened in the future.


Ziqi Liu:

I am very glad to attend in this meeting. I didn’t present in MUN before. During the preparation of the paper, I was so nervous. I thought that I will make a trash. Soon, the day comes out. At the beginning of the meeting, I felt a little bit excited and shy when I was delegating my country Central African Republic. I could not stop my voice shocking when other delegates were facing at me. But after several times I felt that it was comfortable for me to present. I started to raise my card and giving the advises of my country. I feel much more confident than before. For me, the experience of MUN was a great participation. I really appreciate the delegates who gave a lot of new opinions. All in all, I really thank our school and all attended teachers and students.


Geon Chang:

I was very nervous before I started this conference. I was very worried because I did not do enough research on the data and it was my first time to discuss English. But I did my best to find a good solution, to think of myself as a U.N. delegate. I had a headache in the middle of the discussion, but I endured more than six hours of discussion. I gained confidence through this debate and was proud of myself. I am grateful to Ms. Barrett and Jessica for leading this contest and making me good memories and experiences. If I have a chance, I want to join with MUN friends again.


Yiyao Zhang:

It is very honorable to participate the MUN yesterday, and this is my first time to join this kind of activity. Got this award was totally astonishing me because I can’t believe that I can write a position paper. Also, we can finish the meeting smoothly is because of the contribution from the PGA students’ teaching, SPAS students’ helping and the assistance from the teacher. I learned a lot from this that how to having a completely MUN meeting and the rules for the MUN. I am pleasure to having such interesting activity and I will participate more in the future, this is not only enriched my social life, but also enriched my knowledge about the global issues.


Zijun Liu:

Here’s Mason. Liu from SPAS who was the delegate of Estonia. This is my first MUN experience with full of ignorance and anxieties, but after a tight scheduled Sunday, I learned a lot. First of all, do not escape, several participants just escaped from the conference because their so called “SHY”, but actually it’s a disprove of yourself, always face your challenges because you are not going to die for it. Secondly, use all your advantages, Estonia is a small country with not much power, but everything is a two-blade sword, I used it and persuaded countries include India, China and SA, they finally accept my proposal because I used my “Tiny” accordingly. Remember, every flaw on yourself can be your weapon if you are smart enough. That’s what I learned from MUN, thanks.


Maral Elbegsaikhan:

The SHSBNU Model United Nations organized by PGA was my first MUN in China and I went in not really knowing what to expect. Although I wouldn’t say nerve-racking, it was definitively awkward at first as I didn’t know a lot of the other delegates or the organizers but we broke the ice pretty quickly. It was definitely a very new and fun experience and it was great to see our SPAS students collaborating with the PGA students to basically come up with solutions for our somewhat broken world. I definitely had a lot of fun with a bunch of intellectual teenagers and I’m so glad I decided to take part in this event. I hope there are many more MUNs coming our way because I’m ready to go full in!


Yuhan Kang:

Thank you for giving me the reward. Actually, I thought I would not win any reward for the Sunday MUN meeting. And I been very nervous on that day’s promoting. But I really did a lot of researching before that meeting( I’m totally new on this) But I still thank for the meeting and the cancel and all friends involve in this meeting. Loving you guys❤️





This is the first time that I play a team member role in MUN.I am so honored that I can guide such wonderful delegates. During the conference, I have learned a lot. Thank you for all the people for your efforts. And I just want to say: SHSBNUMUN, we are together.



I am grateful to have opportunity to share my opinions in this year MUN as an assistant director. Like some delegates who attend the meeting for the first time, this is also a brand new experience for me as an AD. By seeing delegates actively participating in, I remember the first time I attend MUN. I have been very shy and I didn't even know how to write position paper and all those documents. There was no one remembered me at the end of the conference. I had been very frustrated. I wanted to give up, but I finally decided to hold on, and I made it. I contribute to discussions, stand confidently while everyone's eyes are on me, and I have many brilliant ideas to share. The most profound lesson I leant from MUN is that: Never give up, hold on, and you will be just as brilliant as you want to be.








MUN provides us with a platform to shape the future. It unites people with different experiences to share the same spirit of global citizenship. By joining UNEP committee, each delegate shouldered the responsibility of lessening the impact that human actions may have on the future of the planet. Although reaching consensus was not an easy task, everyone embarked upon the pursuit in engaging debate. In the future, we hope more people can support MUN and speak up loudly addressing global issues. The future is in your hand ~



This is the first Model United Nations Conference held in the school. It is also my first position as assistant president. I learned a lot from the meeting, especially from the participants. Most of them took part in the meeting for the first time, but they could stand up to speak at the table bravely. In the course of the meeting, thanks to the school for giving us this opportunity to thank the instructors and the chairmen of the two committees, and to thank all the students for their active participation, and to all those who helped us and supported us.



From the training session to the today’s conference.

We all went through a lot!

We can see your nervous and shyness at the beginning, but we can also feel you guys putting yourselves together and bravely step in the front and state clearly and passionately for your countries.

We know you have worked very hard to prepare for today’s conference! For you PPs, fierce discussion, brainstorm, motion for moderated caucus and draft resolution. We believed you’ve all strengthened your overall abilities!

To those who received prizes, you are great!

To those who haven’t, this is just a starting point of being a MUNer, you might have improved more than anyone else!

As the host of this year’s MUN conference, we are so proud of you! And may you continual to work hard and achieve more!!!

Thank you all for your participation!


6、小结 Summary













We have learned a lot from this year’s Model United Nations Conference, not only in the process of meeting, but also to the enthusiasm and respect and tolerance from everyone!

This year’s MUN is ours, but it’s also yours. Providing a conference for you is also a pleasure and honor of us! During the conference, you made moderated and unmoderated caucus. You brainstorm different perspectives toward the topic and discuss fiercely. You may have gained a lot, you may have some regrets, and you might be excited for our next MUN session!

All of these is youth!


Meanwhile, we give a million thanks to these people below!

We thank the trust and strong support from our school!

We thank the instructor teacher Shi Zhan, Dais Ke Jiayi, and Dais Zhang Yujie from WELAND International!

We thank all delegates and volunteers for their hard work all day!

And as for our Ads and SG, you guys did a great job!


Next time in our MUN conference, we will welcome you in more excellent postures. See you this fall!


As a 模联人,我们的爱,永远不变